Essentially, when responding to a question with reference to the scriptures, I tend to base it on memory, then use Google to find a reference source. However, in the interest of providing as reliable sources as possible, I wonder if there are "search engine(s)" or other sources that people generally search, to refer to in answers.

Main sources used by answers on the site seems to be:

What do you use as a reference source? Your own memory, from having studied the scripture, or do you look it up in a search engine?

(Wasn't sure if this was a question for the main site, regarding what sources are online, and another for this Meta, regarding accuracy of sources/quotes, please suggest revisions for clarification)

(On a side note, I am working with a monastery to build a cross-reference database for teachings - multimedia files - and am looking for reliable sources with taxonomies and synonyms that can be referenced from there as well)

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  • @tuttadhammo Thank you - no I am not. I contacted you via Linkedin regarding Alex. I appreciate the suggestion. _/\_ Jul 1, 2014 at 7:07

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In the answers I give, I rely on memory first and then complement it with bookmarked pages & Google searches. I also make use of Yuttadhammo's excellent Digital Pali Reader.

Since you didn't mention, SuttaCentral is a growing comprehensive resource for references and might help you with your cross-reference database. Good luck!


I to go off memory and that usually allows me to find what I'm looking for on accesstoinsight, which has always been my go to. Sometimes though I have to go to google if I know what I'm looking for but might not be phrasing it right.

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