I've recently created the tag and did a bit of retagging.

Was that a good idea?

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Well I guess I thought it was a good idea but i just wanted to open it up a little. The I think has become a bit of a dumping ground so I wanted to tidy it up a bit

I think there was two concepts in the tag. The sort of question like

  1. Why do monks shave their heads type of question which I think is a general question about Buddhist practice

  2. And the Hey why do I get pins and needles type question which is about some personal experience that the OP wants us to dig into.

So I split of another tag which covers the second concept. I wanted to capture the more subjective nature of these questions. Also I'm aware that some people might not like this kind of question and I separate tag would enable them to screen it.

I guess one could see this as a meta tag like but honestly I see as been an identifier for the content of the tag.

Just what I think though.

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