I found a cool buddhist joke and would like to share it with the community.

I'm asking here because i'm not sure if one is allowed to post such questions/answers on Buddhism SE.

The joke is not in violation with our "be-nice policy".

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Jokes would be appropriate in any chat room.

This site's main chat room has been nearly/unusually inactive in the past, but feel free to use it in future. Some other sites (for example CodeReview.SE) have conversation in their chat room every day.

The chat room is basically unmoderated. Only a "be nice" policy more or less still applies, but if you want to talk about anything (jokes, work, family, the weather, whatever you like), in any format (e.g. dialog not just Q&A), then it's not off-topic in the chat room.

There are already some jokes in the chat room.

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