Are my questions premoderated, why does it take them a few minutes to show up?

Thanks for any reply :-)

  • I had noticed this too on other sites - the answer is most likely caching. If you're looking at this page, it's cached for some amount of minutes, but the "newest" tab should be pretty quick. Rest assured there is no pre-moderation feature on SE. Sep 10, 2017 at 14:51

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I don't think any are premoderated; not by a human moderator anyway.

If I post a question of my own (on any site), I think I found that maybe it takes a minute or so (not a few minutes) to show on the sort by Active view, but that it appears more quickly on the sort by Newest view?

I'm not sure my observation is correct; but if it is, and if that was implemented on purpose, and if I had to guess why that's so, it would be because a question jumps to the top of the Active view each time it's edited, so they give the author of a question some time (i.e. a delay) in which to edit the new question immediately after it's posted, during which it's not at the top of the Active view.

Editing a question to 'bump' it to the top of the Active queue is seen as poor etiquette (on high-traffic sites) if it's done too frequently -- Purposeful Question Bumping: Abuse or feature?

To get a second opinion I'd recommend you post on https://meta.stackexchange.com except that you might not get a good answer there either ... the closest topic I found there was Newest questions appear with delay which was closed as status-norepro (i.e. Stack Exchange haven't reproduced the bug, don't understand the bug report, and/or think that it doesn't usually happen).

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