Should we close this question as 'too broad'?

I thought we should not, because:

  • People seem[ed] able and willing to answer it
  • Our Moderation policies for Questions says that 'too broad' isn't a reason for closing
  • I myself ask 'broad' questions (and appreciate the answers they get)
  • I don't necessarily 'like' this kind of question so might prefer to see it posted as 1 question than as 7 questions ... if the OP posted it as 7 different questions, that might seem more 'hostile' than if it's just one question ... or it might seem like an extended argument, e.g. you answer 1 question and the OP posts 6 more questions more or less like the first. So, in a way, seeing all the questions together like that makes the question seem more finite, thus more answerable.

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I have reopened the question. It has 7 answers so even though it might be classified as "too broad", I agree that users were able to answer it (or parts of it) and therefore can remain open.

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