Seems that this site does not offer notifications when there is a new answer to your question or a topic that one is following. Is that really so?

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I think you can't "follow" a topic, can you? Is there a UI element which lets you do that?

But you will get a notification:

  • When someone answers a question you posted
  • When someone comments, underneath anything (question or answer) that you posted
  • When someone edits anything (question or answer) that you posted
  • When someone replies to a previous comment you made, by including @OPL in their comment

Notifications appear in the toolbar at the top of the page, when you next visit any page of the network:

enter image description here

That notification icon ("inbox") becomes highlighted (i.e. a different color), and if you click on it you see a list of all recent notifications.

I think you can see a history of all notifications (from all sites) here (but each user can only see their own notifications, so that link will only work for you).

You can also get these notifications sent to you by email -- to enable that, edit your user profile:

  • Edit Profile & Settings ...
  • ... Edit Email Settings ...
  • ... Inbox: Answers to your questions, comments, chat notifications, and more

So, as well as via your StackExchange "inbox", your notifications can be delivered via email: weekly, daily, or every three hours.

Perhaps by "following a topic" you meant 'marking it as a "favorite"'.

I think maybe there's some "notification" when a favorite topic changes, but not the same kind of notification (and maybe no email notification) -- see:

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