Mrs. Chatherine, your community manager, collected some of the found previous accounts and merged them. Thought that she might busy in many things, here as well shared if wishing to assist her or those interested in such.

If coming across one, my person will mention it here, said that it is wished to easier find relate question and answers, so those able could act how they wish to:

7500, 7555, 14343, 14862, 14559, 12996, 11479, 12858, 12845, 14131, 11958, 14895.

(The support-tag is used since to such as "announcing", "comment" tag is avaliable. Not to be seen as asking for or even demand.)

(Note that this is not given for trade, exchange, stacks, entertainment but as means to escape this wheel)


Thank you (and, yes, was the right tag for this topic).

There were many accounts, and I'm not sure which accounts the CM used to merge into the current account i.e. 11235 -- but I'm pretty sure that did include 7500 -- i.e. that any content posted under 7500 is already merged into the current 11235 account.

If there are other accounts you'd like to have merged but which haven't been merged yet -- 7555 for example -- then I think you can initiate that process:

  • Click on the Contact form
  • Select "I need to merge user profiles" as the topic in reply to "What can we help you with?"

SE has software tools to merge account, tools which a site moderator like me can't access -- so I can't normally help with this, instead it's initiated by the user and that Contact form.

In this case I can also ping the CM informally, to notify her that you posted here.

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    Sadhu for effort. What ever may be wished.
    – user11235
    Jul 22 '19 at 14:50

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