Is it possible to get notification when moderators delete content - comments, questions, answers, etc - of content providers? I don't necessarily mind my content being deleted if it's not meeting the forum's standard, but there is no notification when content is deleted by moderators. I would prefer an e-mail, but inbox notification is also fine.

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There is no automatic way to generate a notification that I know of.

I think this query will list your deleted questions and answers, you can run this whenever you like:

That user ID (19249) identifies your account. Most users can see their own deleted posts, but not other users'.

Moderators can also see deleted comments, but I don't know that other users can, not even their own.

Yes, I searched another site's meta-site ...

... and found topics there like these ...

... which confirm that users can't see their own deleted comments and aren't notified if a comment is deleted.

Instead I should have searched the main meta-site here:

... but that says much the same thing, for example:

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    thanks..not really what i'm looking for...i guess notification via inbox or something like that would have been the thing..oh well.
    – blue_ego
    Apr 1, 2023 at 23:38

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