Now that we have a Facebook page, a Google Plus page, and a Twitter account, we should probably figure out the proper steps to take in regards to administering these resources. Specifically:

  • Is it okay for us to maintain such resources? I'm just asking in case I may have missed some SE rule against creating our own "official" SE pages on other sites.

  • Assuming it is okay, who should be the administrators? I assume the best would be to make the current moderators admins, and just switch when they change. Any thoughts on this?

  • Can anyone offer to create a PD image to use as the profile pic and cover banner for the accounts?

I'm thinking we can post updates like a blog on our pages; I'm not sure if we get an SE blog when we go official (I don't think so), so it will give us a chance to provide updates to the community as appropriate (like reaching our 90 day landmark and almost meeting the criteria!)

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You must not create an "official" SE page: see this answer for detail.

Social Networking owned by the site might not be useful: see also this comment for detail.

"Social" networking might be better done by people, using their existing social networks: you (each person) mention this site on your own blog, your own Facebook or Twitter account, to your own friends and 'followers'.

  • Thanks; somehow I missed that answer. Commented Sep 18, 2014 at 16:19

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