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Overt Sectarian Affiliations

In looking at answers to some questions I am frequently seeing a overt but unacknowledged sectarian affiliation. For example in the question Desire without attachment, some of the answers are purely ...
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I am a new user here at Buddhism.SE. What should I know before I post?

We've put together some useful information for getting started below.
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Asking fundamental "beginner" questions

It appears that many of the visitors to Buddhism.SE are either non-Buddhist, or fairly new to the religion. Understandable that people are curious, and want to ask about it. My opinion is for Buddhism....'s user avatar
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May I share my research, by posting questions on this site and self-answering them?

There are some interesting new discoveries that happened in last few years in science that cemented our religion's teachings. I did many years of research on things like: Four Great elements ...
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Answers vs Advice

(This is part observation, part suggestion/question and is triggered by a response to my own question here.) Because a "religious" topic like Buddhism lends itself both to questions looking for (more ...
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Shouldn't Buddhist discussion use modern metaphors (instead of metaphors from the ancient past)?

In response to my earlier question about the nature of "remedies" offered by Buddhism, I got many replies that quoted parables and similies, such as "The burning house" and "the raft". I understand ...
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Are we here to preach and make converts?

Are we here to preach and make converts? For me, the answer is no. We shouldn't be a site for people with out a religious inclination or with doubt yearning for a change to a whole new system. (...
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What can we do to attract experts?

It's a fact SE sites that are successful have many experts available to answer questions. Presently, experts are what Buddhism.SE sorely lacks. What can we do about this?
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Some thoughts on the direction of Buddhism.SE

So, I'm thinking I'll resign as mod after all... life is getting busier in other realms, and I have to prioritize. Just wanted to express what is probably still a dissenting opinion; that Buddhism.SE ...
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How to ask questions about different traditions of Buddhism?

What questions can and/or shouldn't we ask about other or different traditions of Buddhism? For example, what about the question, From the perspective of Theravada is SGI considered a cult?
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What about self-answering questions?

This is a poll, so please answer clearly and/or upvote an existing answer: Do you have any additional arguments, whether in favour or against? Should we keep the current policy, of telling people we'...
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Whether and how to moderate low-quality questions?

This is a difficult question (maybe a bad question), and maybe especially difficult: Because I'm asking about questions-in-general, instead of asking about one specific question. Because I feel ...
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Is this an exclusively theravaden forum?

We can downvote questions and project our wrongview onto those questions of other Buddhists ?
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Moderators Promoting One's Own Ego / Agenda than the Benefit of the Site at Large

Moderator ChirsW is exhibiting following behaviors which might be detrimental to the site: Always has my way or no other way attitude (Most content on Meta is evident of this) Pays little attention ...
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Is this a site for questions about personal meditation experiences?

Does this site welcome questions about personal meditation experiences? Such as the meaning of certain experiences etc?
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