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The Direction of Buddhism SE

I have chosen to leave the site as well. This is no longer the Buddhism SE, that I used to care about and engage in. I use to think that our SE was not as brutal as the other SE's. We had kindness, ...
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What about providing sources?

What is 's policy on providing sources. Should it be mandatory or voluntary.? If we make it a requirement to provide the source we can clear this website from personal ...
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What can we do to attract experts?

It's a fact SE sites that are successful have many experts available to answer questions. Presently, experts are what Buddhism.SE sorely lacks. What can we do about this?
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Some thoughts on the direction of Buddhism.SE

So, I'm thinking I'll resign as mod after all... life is getting busier in other realms, and I have to prioritize. Just wanted to express what is probably still a dissenting opinion; that Buddhism.SE ...
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Do we have a clear idea what is on or off topic?

After 100 plus days in beta do we have a clear idea what is on or off topic? I have reviewed the closed queue and I'm not seeing an obvious pattern. This is what I can glean from meta questions, the ...
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Moderators following Rules and Setting Good Examples

When a general user posts something off topic a moderator can moderate it simply. In case moderators do it is not that easy as it requires many people to report it. Historically this has not happened ...
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Site-specific post notice -- "this answer is unrelated to buddhism"

The software would support our having a "site-specific post notice". A "post-notice" is something which looks like this: The current posts which have a notice, on the main site, are listed here. A ...
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Can Andrei stop deleting perfectly reasonable answers?

How could we possibly have an infinity of past lives? There i posted a perfectly reasonable answer which was deleted because allegedly 'not Buddhist enough'. That answer is on point tho, logically ...
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In Defence of My Deleted Answer

@Chris First cause, appearances and mind I understand why you deleted my answer in this thread. I have now edited and explained it. Could you please read it again. I hope you'll feel able to ...
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An encouragement to avoid bad kamma and harm the Buddhas reputation in regard of approaching other sects

Having come accrss the really strange usual to kill and destroy questions and answers, if they carry a notion not coming from a self-declared Buddhist. Is neither proper to do such categorical nor is ...
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What to do when it seems a useful answer may have nothing to do with Buddhism?

I recently saw a question on the "hot question" list about a dude not wanting to hurt his mother by moving away from her. (So I clicked through, otherwise I wouldn't have ever come to this sub.) I ...
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