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Reference lists

Could we please collect here the topics, which ask for lists -- i.e. whose answers are a list of book recommendations or sutta recommendations. I hope this may be useful for people who ask for book ...
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Answers which reference

Sometimes someone may flag the fact that @frankk includes references to -- for example in this answer. I believe it's generally permitted for an author to reference their own work ...
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How to deal with personal opinions in contrary to the doctrine

Should personal opinions contrary to doctrine (held by any school) or the Tripitaka (Pali, Sanskrit or Tibetan) need qualification as this is a personal view and not what the Buddha preached? A casual ...
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Wikipedia as a source

Should the use of Wikipedia articles as source material be discouraged? I do not take it that such articles are appropriate sources and my opinion is that citing them is a bad practice. Thoughts?
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What about providing sources?

What is 's policy on providing sources. Should it be mandatory or voluntary.? If we make it a requirement to provide the source we can clear this website from personal ...
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