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Is Buddhism.SE meant for theoretical/scriptural purpose only, and not for real-life practice?

I ask because I'm surprised, in fact disappointed, that this question was closed: How do I deal with idle chatter/people that talk a lot? (I've retitled it as "How can I talk to my mother (who ...
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1 answer

How do i review this low-quality-post?

The answer in this question has been flagged as low-quality and i'm now trying to review it. I find it very difficult to review it. I have put the following comment to the answer: "Thanks for the ...
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Have review permissions changed?

I was looking at some New user answers in the review queue but found that I now have only two options as a response: "No Action Needed" or "Skip". There is a third option button of "I'm done", but it'...
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Got 500 rep? Don't forget about the close queue!

Stack Exchange sites thrive because of the willingness of their participants to help keep the site clean. We have moderators, but ideally their job is to handle the stuff that regular community ...
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