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Indicates that the report has been resolved through the implementation of a feature or the fixing of a bug.

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4 votes
1 answer

How about a 'resource' tab?

Their is a lot of information on Buddhism (in the broadest sense), in different languages and when translated often multiple times. Since the users here are dedicated, I thought it might help (...
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2 votes
9 answers

Suggestions for resources section

Leading on from this question we are starting to put together a resources section under the help section. The idea is that we can collect some generally useful resources in this section and redirect ...
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9 votes
8 answers

Who should our moderators be?

This is one of the "real" essential questions of every [public] beta: 1. Who should the moderators be? Moderators in Stack Exchange perform dual roles. Beside the normal activities of a ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Closing Buddhism Stack Exchange Account

How do I close my buddhism stack exchange account only without affecting my other account on the stack exchange community?
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1 vote
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Do the moderators here have the ability to delete Buddhism.StackExchange accounts?

I've already requested deletion from the StackExchange staff but it seems to be taking rather a long time. Do the MPTs have that power?
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