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Bug report; "suttas" tag is automatically changed to "suttras" after posting

As titled. There are two tags to choose from but when i choose "suttas" it is changed to "sutras" after posting.
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I propose the tag [film-analysis]

There are several questions asking for interpretations of a movie. For example: In the movie Spring Summer Fall Winter and Spring, why does the master cry? Are the movie Fight Club, and Project ...
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Should samatha and meditation-samatha be synonyms?

We currently have tags samatha and meditation-samatha. They each have one or two dozen topics. Assuming we don't want to merge them (because it is a type of meditation and a word which people will ...
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Should we merge the two sutta-related tags (i.e. suttas and sutras)?

There are two sutta related tags which perhaps need to be merged: suttas sutras After they are merged it needs to be tested is both can be used but maps to one tag. Similarly some of the other tags ...
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Merge the lay-buddhism and laity tags

There are two tags on the main site, lay-buddhism and laity tags. Neither has a description (i.e. a wiki summary). Do they mean the same thing? Should they be merged, with being one be made a ...
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Which tags for questions on texts?

Right now we have the following tags that are related to buddhist texts. pali-canon x 13 sutras x 9 texts x 8 scripture x 2 canon x 2 buddhist-text x 1 Most seem rather redundant to me, but ...
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Ahimsa vs. non-harming vs. non-violence

I think there are at least three ways of referring to the concept of non-violence: ahimsa avihimsa non-violence non-harming We can create tag synonyms for these if everyone agrees they essentially ...
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What language should our tags be in?

This site is going to have a rather unique issue with tag names that I don't think has been addressed on any other SE site so far. Many Buddhist terms lack canonical (non-borrowed) English equivalents,...
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