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I met the buddhist dharma after a re-orientation in the priorities of my professional and private life; first getting in contact with literature like Tao-Te-King and later with practice and personal friendships in (Neo-)-tantric (after Rajneesh "Osho" and later D. Odier). Later I encountered literature of the -what I might call- "spiritual stream of culture" via Krishnamurti and various known persons in that direction. About 2000/2002 I got in contact with the direction of Zen, much initialized by "Osho"'s literature on the Zen-patriarchs and then much focused by the texts of the medieval japanese Zen-master E. Hakuin - and parallel got in contact with discussions in the internet-newsgroup. But that buddhistic engagement was something of literature and discussion; in 2002 I visited the vietnamese Teacher Ven. Thich Nhat Hanh in the Plumvillage community and got first time in contact with the practicing, engaging in and founding meditation groups in my hometown. I like to discuss the deeper thoughts and proposals for a practice to harmonizing life up to more and more awakening as they are handed to us from the Buddha via written Pali-canon and the tradition of practice and teaching and discussion. I've set up a website pointing to the Sutras which I like most so far and some private commentating of what I liked in them (all in german language). I don't like fast-discussion, loud-discussion, so I'm not even sure whether I'll attend this Q&A-site for a long time (but that's a matter which I possibly shall bring up in the "meta"-area of this community) see index of my page and index of my selection of sutras

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