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Sleep. Wake. Clear; Eyes, ears, nose, mouth, then: Sit. Everyday & night; Just like this.

Flowers Lament

To be a fly without butter. To be butter without fly. To be neither? Butterfly.

Please Note I've used Buddhism for over 29 years to clarify my experience of the Bliss/Rapture/jhana/Nirvana,Nibbana whatever... when just trying out meditating one day the pole I leaped off was the number "9" sitting in Ganesha posture then got into a 3 way argument "shut up, no you shut up for who knows how long until hearing both of you shut up then all of everything went away except for indescribable rapture.

I didn't earth touch of any of that... then some evil nut yelled my name breaking it. Much like those evil nuts that speak of pricking peoples feet when they are in absorption. I had never heard of Buddhism before then; I've come to see it's truth directly, but whether that's from the kamma/karma that goes along with the study of Buddhism or not? I can't say. All I can say is there is not a single thing I can add to Buddhism or ever have added to it... However; I can say I have booted out everything else except Buddhism and to remain honest? I don't like Buddhism at all, especially sattvas you're putting off Buddha be Buddha then be sattva or go the hell back home... I like the Buddhas though.

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