Guy Eugène Dubois

Guy Eugène Dubois is the author of several books in Dutch language on the teachings of the Buddha: the Atthakavagga (The Peace of the Buddha), the Satta-Visuddhi (The Seven Purifications), the Dhammapada (The Path of Truth), the Parayanavagga (The Way to the Beyond), the Khaggavisana-Sutta (the Rhinoceros-Sutta) and Vipassana Bhavana (Cultivating Insight). As a yogi, he is completely unbound of every sectarian Buddhist movement. In this way he interprets the Dhamma in an independent way. As such he is - in the literal sense of the word - a bhikkhu, a 'homeless person', who experiences his dhutanga (practice) in a very individual way. In his books he combines a liberal-minded attitude with a great affection for the deep insights of the Buddha.

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