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My given name is Richard Alan Wermske of Pragmatic Journey. My pedigree and bona fides are published elsewhere. That said, I respect that a few may wish to learn more about the private person behind the writing. I am endogamous in my close personal relationships and belong to a variety of tribes that shape my worldview (in no particular order):

I participate in and enjoy most geek culture; I am an aspiring Buddhist and ordained minister. I like to believe that people of other spirital/faith systems find me approachable. I am a member of the GLBTQA community -- I married my long-time partner in a ceremony officiated by Jeralita "Jeri" Costa of Joyful Joinings on November 18, 2013, certificated in King County, Seattle WA.

I am a service-connected, disabled, American veteran (USAF). I am a University of Houston alumnus (BBA/MIS) continuing to pursue educational interests. I am a native Houstonian (and obviously Texan). I am a "child of the sixties" (born February 12, 1966); I am a sociology and philosophy geek and a specialist in digital security, knowledge management, and organizational efficiency/effectiveness.

While I still struggle with humility, I strive to make willingness, honesty, and openmindedness a cornerstone in all my affairs. I work hard on the things I believe in, and I believe I can play well with most. Double-digit sobriety has taught me that none of "this" means a thing if I'm unwilling, dishonest, or close minded.

  • I believe that liberal(ism) is neither something to be ashamed of nor a bad word.
  • I am proud to believe in a worldview founded on ideas of liberty and equality. The pragmatism of this site and my journey is rooted in both classical and social liberalism.
  • I believe in democratic elections and institutions including a media free of commercial and governmental bias.
  • I believe in advancing balance in civil, social, and privacy rights such that all of humanity is continuously uplifted.
  • I believe in separation of church (spirituality) and state (governance) -- with neither in supremacy.
  • I believe in private (real or tangible) property explicitly excluding ideas, knowledge, and methods.

While change and the uncertainty of the future may be uncomfortable, I do not fear the unknown; therefore,

  • I believe I must be willing to make difficult choices, that those choices may not be all that I desire, and that such may result in undesirable (or unintended) consequences -- I am willing to be wrong and change to change my mind if necessary.
  • And finally, I believe we can always achieve more if we collaborate and compromise.

Despite my turbulent and tragic past, rare is the day where I have to rationalize, defend, or justify the actions of the person I see looking back at me in the mirror...

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